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    konges sløjd's staff handbook

    With the Staff Handbook, we want to tell everyone a little about how great it is to be an employee at Konges Sløjd. That is why part of the Staff Handbook is open for you to read. Maybe our company is just the thing for you?

    At the same time, we want to attract new employees and prepare them as well as possible for their first day of work. For that reason, part of the Staff Handbook is internal and requires a password to access it.

    A question many ask is: "Why is it called Konges Sløjd?"

    The first part of the name 'Konges' refers to our founder's surname. The woman who created the first Konges Sløjd product, 8 years ago, in a cellar in Vesterbro, is Emilie Konge. She inherited the special surname from her great-grandfather. The second part of the name, 'Sløjd' is an old Swedish word associated with good and solid craftsmanship; a word inspired by the fact that Emilie used to make wooden tables, but also in line with the design philosophy of Konges Sløjd. Namely, to create particularly beautiful and durable products.


    Konges Sløjd - from a small cellar to the big world

    In 2014, Emilie Konge faced a challenge. She had just become a mother for the first time and was looking for safe baby gear, clothes in neutral colours and fun prints. Her search ended in failure, so she decided to create her own universe.

    The Cloud mobile was her first creation, which she made by hand in a small cellar in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Emilie started sharing photos of her concept on Instagram, and in no time, interest and demand grew.

    The company continues to grow rapidly and has now expanded worldwide. Whether it's on a playground in Denmark, in a pool in Thailand or at a café in France, there's a good chance you'll spot a happy child with Konges Sløjd products.

    Everything continues to be designed in-house from the head office in the heart of Copenhagen. The ambition is to make Konges Sløjd a global lifestyle brand and become a world leader in children's clothing and interiors.


    Pride and no prejudices

    Konges Sløjd is a diverse and inclusive workplace that aims to represent as many different backgrounds, views and experiences as possible. We love colleagues who have opinions, initiative and a bit of unpredictability. At Konges Sløjd, creativity lives in wonderful harmony with administrative organisation. The guiding values are orderliness, creativity and edge.

    You're on a journey of growth. This means that we all lend a hand if a need suddenly arises, and that we each pursue ambitious goals within our own discipline. It requires a big "Yes, we can!" attitude and flexibility, but it also creates a special energy that is common to all Konges Sløjd employees.

    We are a courageous team of positive, caring and creative thinkers, who are ambitious to build Konges Sløjd into a global lifestyle brand.


    What do you experience as an employee

    🦕 We want to keep our finger on the pulse of our employees. That's why we have a series of regular interviews and surveys:

    🦕 A 10-week interview with your immediate manager to establish mutual expectations about the role.

    🦕 A 6-month assessment about on-boarding, where you are asked to answer some questions about your experience on joining the company.

    🦕 Annual performance appraisal, where you and your manager have a conversation about well-being, development, plans and goals.

    🦕 A workplace assessment survey, in which you are asked to answer questions about the physical and mental working environment.

    🦕 Pay review.

    🦕 Exit interview, where you are invited by HR to an interview about what you think is important to pay attention to, both in terms of what to retain and what to develop in the job.


    Do's and Don't

    Most do's 😊


    🍋 Get on a first-name basis with all colleagues as soon as possible. We're growing fast and everyone needs to contribute to our friendly office environment. So, be curious about colleagues and their tasks.

    🍋 We celebrate mothers, but our mothers (or fathers) are not here to clean up. We are a big family and help each other keep things in order. Of course, you have a responsibility to clean up, not just your space, but the area you work in and the common areas.

    🍋 When things are moving fast, transparency is important. Your calendar should always be 100% up to date, and you can specify on Teams what you are doing. That way, you help your colleagues avoid running around looking for you.

    🍋 Take some lunch home with you so that no food goes to waste.



    🍒 We try to reduce the environmental footprint, with a particular focus on sustainable solutions. That's why you shouldn't mix your rubbish and throw it all in the same bin.

    🍒 We value our culture, so we like people to be in the office as much as possible at the same time. Working from home is ok when it makes sense, but we appreciate you showing up for work in person so we can be here together and for each other.


    Responsibility, consideration and wild ideas

    We work according to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. In the 2025 strategy, we focus on "empowering mums" through goals 5 and 8, as well as "responsible production" through goals 6, 12 and 13. That's why we have partnered with the Countess Danner organisation to donate products that can help around 60 families a year, and organise collections through our online shop and events.

    From our annual warehouse sale, surplus outer garments are collected and donated to New Life Africa International, which distributes the clothes to vulnerable children in Kenya. At Odense University Hospital, premature babies can be dressed from our Preborn collection, so they can start life in clothes that fit.

    We have GOTS certification and in 2022 we plan to sign the UN Global Compact. At local level, we always try to support small businesses when we buy, for example, bread, flowers or Christmas gifts. Emilie Konge is also part of an entrepreneurial network to share knowledge and experience.

    Since its launch in 2014, Konges Sløjd has received 4 gazelle awards, and in 2021, was ranked 11th in Scandinavian Trend Institute's fashion industry analysis of the top 150 Danish clothing manufacturers and agents, based on annual results and published in the industry magazine, Tøj no. 4 2021.

    The boundaries of the Konges Sløjd universe are constantly being pushed with new products. Products can have an edge, like breast-shaped teething rings in different skin tones, or be practically charming like the Lemon doorstop, or be for all ages like the birthday train. The product portfolio ranges from wallpaper to a waffle iron, to a doll's pushchair, and next season we will be coming up with brand new things again.


    How we celebrate and party

    🍒 Every Friday morning we end the week together with breakfast.

    🍒 We try to have a Friday bar once a quarter, but just in case, we always have champagne on ice.

    🍒 When it's your birthday, you get to choose three instruments and we'll all sing to you.

    🍒 We give great gifts for both birthdays and Christmas.

    🍒 And, of course, we have both a summer party and a Christmas party.

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