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Konges Sløjd ApS

Valkendorfsgade 30, 1st floor

1151 Copenhagen K

CVR: 36718714

Tel.: + 45 70 60 51 01 Monday – Thursday 09:00-16:00 Friday 09:00-15:00



Konges Sløjd confirms an order by sending an order confirmation. Any chances to the order have to be communicated to Konges Sløjd in writing within 8 days from receiving the order confirmation, after this day the order is considered to be binding. Konges Sløjd is not liable for alterations of orders caused by delays or cancellations caused by our manufacturers.

Orders cannot be cancelled, changed or postponed without a written agreement from Konges Sløjd. If orders are to be cancelled, there is a 30% cancellation fee.
  • Order minimum per year: €17.000 / 100.000 DKK
  • Order minimum for main collections (SS and AW): €4.000 / 30.000 DKK
  • Order minimum for pre-collections (HS, AW OUT & XMAS): €3.000 / 22.000 DKK

Buyer must buy from all 5 collections per year.

Clothing must be ordered by a minimum of 2 pieces in every size and color. All other styles must be ordered in a minimum of 6 pieces.

The Cloud Mobiles have to be ordered in a minimum of 20 pieces. You are allowed to mix the colors (e.g. 5 pieces of 4 different colors).

The process of an order:

  • Buyer places order 

  • Buyer receives order confirmation

  • Buyer receives invoice when items are in stock (prepayment inquiries)
  • Buyer pays invoice 

  • Seller ships order 

  • Buyer receives shipment 


Payment terms are stated in the invoice. All orders are to be pre-paid and all orders will be packed and shipped, once the payment is received. Shortly after receiving an order confirmation you will receive an invoice – a prepayment inquiry - due for payment within the by Konges Sløjd stated deadline. Konges Sløjd reserves the right to cancel orders that do not meet the payment deadline.


It is not possible to cancel orders without a cancellation fee of 30%.


Please note that Konges Sløjd delivers in drops. This means that you order will be partially delivered when items from your order reaches our warehouse. If you wish to have combined shipment with the next items that will be ready, please contact us at

Konges Sløjd ships all deliveries. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipping is done at the buyer's expense and risk. Every effort is made to find the cheapest shipping cost. These costs are not negotiable.

The order confirmation indicates the approximate delivery date. Konges Sløjd is not liable for any delays that may occur. Delays in delivery does not entitle the buyer to cancel the purchased items until after a written inquiry is sent to Konges Sløjd to justify the matter – and only after Konges Sløjd fails at delivering within a reasonable time.

If the buyer causes delay in the delivery, the time of delivery will be extended in circumstances deemed reasonable.

If the buyer – after an agreement with Konges Sløjd - is responsible for pick up and shipment of an order, Konges Sløjd is not obliged to handle the contact with the external carriers and may charge a fee for handling issues that may occur.


Konges Sløjd is not liable for any customs imposed by import to foreign countries. The buyer is solely responsible for any charges that may occur when importing Konges Sløjd products.



Konges Sløjd is not liable for failure to perform its obligations in case of force majeure. Freedom of responsibility sustains, as long as the force majeure exists.
Force majeure includes conditions such as war, riots, civil unrest, government intervention, strike, lockout, export and / or import bans, missing, incomplete or delayed deliveries from suppliers, labour shortages, currency restrictions, lack of transportation or any other reason, which are beyond the supplier's control, which has the effect of delaying or preventing the production and delivery of goods.

If one or more of the above mentioned circumstances temporarily prevents timely delivery, delivery time is postponed for the period force majeure exists. If delivery is prevented for a period longer than three months, Konges Sløjd is entitled to cancel the placed order.



Konges Sløjds partners are encouraged to use the pictures in the Image bank, located in the B2B system, for marketing purposes. It is only allowed to use Konges Sløjd pictures in connection with marketing of Konges Sløjd products. Konges Sløjd owns the rights to all picture material.



Konges Sløjd vouches for the conditions mentioned below, and the fact that, the delivered items are of the standard high quality in terms of material, tolerance and processing. 
If shortcomings in the delivered goods are detected within a year, it is up to Konges Sløjd to decide whether to credit the buyer for the returned defective goods, at the expense of the buyer. The aforementioned obligations require the buyer to collect minimum 5 claims and complain in writing to Konges Sløjd.

Konges Sløjd is not liable for errors or defects attributable to improper handling, transport, storage, assembly or otherwise misconduct by anyone other than Konges Sløjd, or for unusual or usual wear and tear.
In order to shorten the complaint process, we disclose contact information with each complaint.


Any errors or shortcomings in the supply of Konges Sløjd must be claimed within 10 days after the defect is detected.

It is the buyer's/distributor's duty to display how the error manifests itself. In case the buyer discovers errors, Konges Sløjd is to be contacted through the complaint list of at least 5 items with item numbers, complaint reason and the price of the goods.

All complaints must be approved by Konges Sløjd before any return shipment. When approved, the complainant will receive a credit note.

Note: For customers outside Denmark, pictures and complaints cause are sent by email, for final approval. Complaints regarding errors and defects are always assessed in accordance to the condition of the products before usage. Complaints will not be accepted if the buyer has caused the error. Money is returned only if there are significant errors.



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