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Land of Hope is a Danish humanitarian non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Anja Ringgren Lovén. Land of Hope is fighting for children´s right, focusing on the so-called witch children in Nigeria. Witch children are children accused of being witches and on this basis, they are often tortured – many children die of their injuries, are banished or killed by the local community.

In 2015, Anja Ringgren Lovén established the children center Land of Hope in Nigeria, serving as a loving and secure home for 71 children who have been tortured and abandoned by their families on grounds of child witch stigmatization. Besides the children´s private home, Land of Hope also offers a children hospital, volunteer house, conference hall and a vocational and entrepreneurial school.

At Land of Hope the rescued children are given the necessary life resources; a loving home, education, food and nutrition, medical care, counselling and life-skills training, enabling a sustainable future for the children. Land of Hope believes that education is a fundamental right of a child. Therefore, all 71 children go to school in the local communities.

Land of Hope’s work is based on the principle that child witch stigmatization can be stopped by the means of education and awareness campaigns. Therefore, a large part of the organization’s work, in addition to rescuing the witch children, involves advocacy programs, educating local communities on the truth about superstitions. Land of Hope believes that dispelling superstitions by sharing knowledge and information can save the lives of thousands of children being accused of witchcraft, thus combatting one of the most prolific human problems on the African continent.

Donations to Land of Hope will be used to safeguard the running of the Land of Hope facility, which includes school and education fees, food, nutritional and medical care, hospital treatment of tortured children, clothing, staff salary, operation and maintenance of Land of Hope and advocacy programs. Land of Hope works in the spirit of our Vision, Mission and Values, guiding our actions, decisions and relationships as we advocate against child-witch branding. 

Mission: We give vulnerable children in Nigeria a place and a strong voice in the world

Vision: A Nigeria without superstitions, where children’s right to protection, development and education is intact

Values: Education, Child Protection and Rights, Child Participation, Dialog and Understanding, Determination, Credibility & Independence.


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